Reels for Realtors

In the age of social media, videos posted on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok are not just tools for engagement – they’re powerful brand promotion assets. For real estate agents, these platforms offer a unique way to showcase property listings. The best part? With high-quality cameras at our fingertips, you don't need to be a professional videographer to capture compelling content.

Keep reading to discover tips and techniques for capturing real estate footage to post on social media using your smartphone.

Shot Composition

The foundation of a captivating video lies in the shot composition. A well-composed shot can make a property look inviting and spacious, whereas poor composition can diminish its appeal. Here are three key elements crucial for achieving a superior shot composition: 

  1. Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for any good shot. Before you start filming, make sure all the lights are switched on. Open up the curtains to let natural light in. However, sometimes curtains might need to be drawn slightly to counteract glare.

  1. Framing

Stand back as far as possible. Make the most of your smartphone’s wide-angle lens, allowing viewers to absorb the entire space. But don’t forget to get some detailed close-up shots of the room's standout features. Remember, creativity is key. Experiment with different angles — you might be surprised at what works!

  1. Transitions

Thinking ahead about transitions ensures footage that flows. For example, while transitioning from one room to another, you might pan from the ceiling of the room, showcase the entire room, and then pan to the floor. Starting the next shot with a right-to-left pan can then make for a seamless transition.

How to Achieve Smooth Footage

Maintaining stable footage is essential to keep the viewer's focus on the content - the last thing you'd want is for potential clients to be distracted by shaky visuals. Here's how to ensure your footage remains smooth and professional: 

Keep Your Elbows Close: An immediate and easy technique is to keep your elbows close to your body while shooting. This provides a natural stability to your arms and reduces the chance of shaky footage.

Master the “Cinematic Walk”: This technique is similar to the suspension system of a car. By adopting a specific gait – walking heel to toe and slightly bending your knees – you can minimize the up-and-down motion typical of regular walking, making your pans and shots smoother.

Hold Firm, but Mind the Mics: Your phone should be held firmly to ensure it doesn't wobble. However, always be cautious about where the microphones are located to avoid accidentally covering them, which could compromise audio quality.

Invest in a Gimbal: Ready to take things up a notch? Consider purchasing a gimbal. This device mechanically stabilizes your smartphone, counteracting any unintended movements and giving your footage a sleek, professional appearance.

Video Settings 

The right video settings ensure clarity and a pleasant viewing experience. It can be the difference between a video that looks amateur and one that appears professional. So, what are the recommended settings when filming real estate content on your smartphone? Here's the two main components:

Frames Per Second (FPS): Essentially, this refers to the number of individual images captured every second during filming. For platforms like Reels on iPhone, aim for 4K resolution at 60 FPS. This frame rate ensures smoother transitions and movements, which is especially beneficial for property walkthroughs. For a quick comparison:

  • 24 FPS: A standard in the film industry, offering a cinematic feel that emulates "real-time."
  • 30 FPS: Common for reality TV, providing a slightly smoother feel.
  • 60 FPS and Above: Typically used for capturing slow-motion footage, with 120 or 240 FPS offering even greater detail during playback slowdowns.

Resolution: Think of this as the video's clarity. Resolution quantifies the total pixels in each frame. Currently, 4K is the standard for social media content. It offers crisp visuals, ensuring viewers can discern even the minutest details of a property, from the texture of a countertop to the intricacies of a chandelier.

Audio Settings 

Just as a clear picture can transport the viewer into the property, clear audio ensures a fully immersive experience, capturing the viewer's complete attention and facilitating a deeper understanding of narrated details. Here's how you can elevate your audio game while filming properties:

Mind the Microphone: One of the most common mistakes during smartphone recording is inadvertently blocking the microphone. Always be conscious of its position and ensure it remains unobstructed to capture sound without any muffling.

Voiceovers in Post-Production: While the on-site audio provides a realistic feel, sometimes ambient noises can overshadow vital information. Adding voice overs during the editing phase can introduce clarity, emphasizing key property highlights and ensuring that the viewer remains engaged.

Invest in a Wireless Microphone: For those who are serious about setting their content apart, investing in a wireless microphone kit is a game-changer. It promises clear audio regardless of the distance or position of the phone. 

Hire Us! 

Finding the right partner to elevate your marketing strategies can be a game-changer. That's where Vnzo Real Estate Marketing comes into play. Our team is here to support you in everything from content creation to social media management. Reach out to Vnzo Real Estate Marketing today at 952-252-8628, and let us work together to build your brand and connect with audiences like never before.

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